Seaman High School
Topeka, Kansas

2014–2015 Student Leadership Announced

Posted: Sunday, May 18, 2014

Congratulations to the following students for their selection to the student leadership positions:

Drum Major
Andrew Ralston
Assistant Drum Major
Tori Whalen
Jordan Hayes
Brett Broadbrent
Rachel Heald
WoodwindsBrass & Percussion
Head: Chelsea LakeHead: Ryan Brown
Music: Michelle SieveMusic: Ryan Brown
M&M: Chelsea LakeM&M: Robert Finley, Jacob Meyer
Head: Rachel HealdHead: Molly Mulqueen
Music: Hannah BaetenMusic: John Baeten
M&M: Shelbi MinnisM&M: Molly Mulqueen
AltoLow Brass
Head: Ashleigh CrawshawHead: Ray Newins
Music: Ashleigh CrawshawMusic: Nathan Henderson
M&M: Brett BroadbentM&M: Kayla Hernandez
Head: Rylie SebringHead, Music, M&M: Alyssa Ward
Music: Greg McCall 
M&M: Rylie SebringPercussion
 Front Line: Will Hartner
 Snare: Abby Price
    Football Stands: Alix Fisk
 Tenors: Mike Devoe
 Bass: Colton Brennan
 Cymbals: Colton Simoneau

Alamo Bowl Update

Posted: Sunday, May 18, 2014

Important—We just received confirmation of the Alamo Bowl game date. It has been moved to Friday, January 2nd. Therefore, our trip dates are:

Depart—Monday, December 29th, at 6:00p
Return—Saturday, January 3rd, early evening

The awards dinner and dance has been scheduled for New Year’s Eve from 8:00p–midnight, so we will be celebrating the new year in a controlled, safe environment! Please understand that we were under the mercy of the new NCAA playoff system. We are in the process of revising the daily itinerary and we will send that out with sponsor names by the end of next week.

Many parents have asked where the band will be staying in San Antonio, and we now have a good idea. There are two possible hotels that are about a mile apart on the same road—you can see one from the other. Where each band stays will be determined when rooming lists are turned in, the numbers they have, and how they fit in with the rooming blocks the hotels give us. Both hotels are the same great quality:

As always, we welcome any family member to enjoy and observe our large band trips, but ask that you use this information to be able to stay close to the action, and not stay in the same hotel or be in the way of the group. I love to see familiar faces while on these trips, but please keep in mind that this is a trip for the students.

Alamo Bowl Trip Info

Posted: Monday, May 5, 2014

Following are the handouts that were provided at the Band Booster meeting regarding the band’s upcoming trip to the Alamo Bowl this December:


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Payment Application

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Behavioral Contract

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Marching Camp Details

Posted: Monday, May 5, 2014


Monday, July 28–Thursday, August 7, 2014

July 28Band room (Staff, leadership, percussion, color guard, & drill team only)
July 29Band room (Above plus new students and freshmen)
July 30–August 1Band room (Full band)
August 4–7 Band room (Full band)
(11:30a daily uniform check out)
August 7th at 6:00p Cookout with family and friends in SHS commons, followed by hand book information in auditorium and marching exhibition in stadium (approximately 7:30p)

CAMP 101

Marching camp is held to get a head start on marching fundamentals, pre-game and half-time show prep, and for the band members to become familiar with each other in a band of about 220 members. It is imperative that all members are present every day of camp! When just one student is missing, it creates an empty spot on the field and becomes difficult for other students to learn movements, not to mention the missing student will be forced to catch up. Each student will be taught over 20 moves on the field and learn more than 10 songs in just 7 to 9 days of camp!

If a student is unable to attend camp for any reason, then it is requested that a parent e-mail Mr. Stahly ( as soon as possible so other practice arrangements can be made for the band during the student’s absence. Yes, it’s that important.


Instrument, music and marching folder. If the student’s instrument is one that is rented from the school, please make arrangements with Mr. Dease to get the instrument during the summer or exchange the SMS instrument at the beginning of camp. It will be very warm weather, so please wear appropriate clothing, bring a water bottle and wear tennis shoes!

***Registration is $20 upon check-in first day***


Each student will be provided his/her own marching folder before the end of the current school year and should begin working on playing the music. It is important to get the cobwebs out and be able to play most of the music prior to the first day of camp. Please note that it is expected that students will have all music memorized for the first football game. Don’t worry about memorization over the summer, just be sure to practice!


Director of BandsMr. Cary Stahly(785) 224-3843
Assistant DirectorMs. Anna Eaverson(913) 530-8263
Director of PercussionMr. Emory Dease(913) 530-2932
Front Line InstructorMr. David Liston(785) 393-0058
Leadership DirectorMs. Anna Reb(785) 221-1061
Color Guard CoachMrs. Brinkley(913) 424-3105
Drill Team CoachMs. Josie Price(785) 221-4162

State Music Honors

Posted: Monday, May 5, 2014

Congratulations to the following Seaman High School musicians who performed recently in Emporia and received top Division One ratings:

Hannah BaetenClarinet
Brenden Clark, Cole Dister, Peter LatendresseTrumpet Trio
Kyler WeingartnerOboe
Paul Priddy, Mike Devoe, Abby Price, Shannon Brush, Will Hartner, Alix Fisk, McKenna Miller, Tayler Kramer, Brock Mitchell, Elayna BonnewellPercussion Ensemble
Sage TichenorFlute
Peter LatendresseTrumpet
Paul PriddyVibraphone
Madeline SchreinerBass
Beau Boyles, Brett Broadbent, Cameron Charity, Jared Miller, Andrew Ralston, Nicholas RoarkShow Choir Men