Season Apparel Order

All students will need to order specific items to outfit them for the season. Please read the following information so you are aware of what exactly is required of each student.

All students are required to have the following (ADT excluded):

  • Short-sleeve show shirt – purchased yearly
  • Gloves (percussionists excluded) – purchased yearly
  • Black marching shoes – purchased once and replaced if needed
    • We have many donated marching shoes from graduating seniors that students are welcome to for free, so please check out our uniform closet to get hooked up!
  • Black marching shorts – purchased once and replaced if needed
  • Crew Length black socks – purchased on your own as needed

To complete your order, please visit our store using this link. Online payment is not available at this time. When submitting your order please indicate how you will remit payment. Options available are the student’s fundraising account, checks, cash, or sending via PayPal.

Regarding PayPal: send to Seaman Viking Bands as “a friend.” If you send us money to the account as a merchant, we lose a percentage due to fees. This way I avoid having to charge you extra to cover the fees. Feel free to use the following graphics as reference when submitting payment in this way. Failure to do so will result in me cancelling the payment and asking you to send it again.

Payment is due by Tuesday, August 10th. This date is our first Tuesday Night Rehearsal (TNR) so physical payments can be dropped off on my desk then.