Student Leadership Announced

2019–2020 Leadership Positions

Drum Major
Eric Patterson, Jr.

Assistant Drum Major
Leah Forrer
Eva Noble

Molly Biggs
Kaden Fox


Head – Molly Biggs
Music – Ellie Noble
Marching – Sierra Hahn

Head – Alexis Desch
Music – Peyton Sannan
Marching – Jade Essman

Head – Ian Filby
Music – Konner Wells
Marching – MaKenna Dechand

Head, Music – Aleks Westjord
Marching – Tyler White

Brass & Percussion

Head – Molly McClimans
Music – McKenzie Szopinski
Marching – Blake Smith

Head, Music – Cara Dister
Marching – Samantha Myers

Low Brass
Head – Cameron Smith
Music – Kaden Fox
Marching – Carter Stahly

Joseph Marr

Front Line – Rachel Wilson
Snare – Kendyl Burks
Tenors – Austin Feldkamp
Bass – Veronica Martin

Marching Camp Details


Monday, July 29–Wednesday, August 7, 2019

July 29
Band room (Staff, leadership, percussion, color guard, & drill team only)

July 30
Band room (Above plus new students and freshmen)

July 31–August 2, and August 5–7
Band room (Full band)

August 7th at 6:00pm
Enjoy food trucks with family & friends in bus loop and commons, followed by handbook information in auditorium and marching exhibition in stadium (approximately 7:30pm).
*start of cookie dough fundraiser


A white practice band shirt and insurance will be included in the camp fee. This cannot be paid from a student’s band account. The $35 fee will be due on the student’s first day. Cash or checks made out to “Seaman Bank.”


Marching camp is held to get a head start on marching fundamentals, pre-game and halftime show prep, and for the band members to become familiar with each other in a band of about 180 members. It is imperative that all members are present every day of camp! When just one student is missing, it creates an empty spot on the field and becomes difficult for other students to learn movements, not to mention the missing student will be forced to catch up. Each student will be taught over 20 moves on the field and learn more than 20 songs in just 6 days of camp!

If a student is unable to attend camp for any reason, then it is requested that a parent e-mail Mr. Stahly ( as soon as possible so other practice arrangements can be made for the band during the student’s absence. Yes, it’s that important.


Instrument, music and marching folder. If the student’s instrument is one that is rented from the school, please make arrangements with Mr. Dease to get the instrument during the summer or exchange the SMS instrument at the beginning of camp. It will be very warm weather, so please wear appropriate clothing, bring a water bottle and wear tennis shoes!


Each student will be provided his/her own marching folder before the end of the current school year and should begin working on playing the music. It is important to get the cobwebs out and be able to play most of the music prior to the first day of camp. Please note that it is expected that students will have all pre-game and halftime music memorized for the first football game. Don’t worry about memorization over the summer, just be sure to practice!


Director of Bands
Mr. Cary Stahly
(785) 224-3843

Assistant Director
Mrs. Anna Kennedy
(913) 530-8263

Director of Percussion
Mr. Emory Dease
(913) 530-2932

Assistant Percussion Instructor
Mr. David Liston
(785) 393-0058

Leadership Director
Ms. Anna Reb
(785) 221-1061

Auxiliary Dance Coach
Ms. Tara Hurt
(410) 474-6901

Assistant Dance Coach
Ms. Maggie Isaacson
(785) 221-4184